EMT Review Plus 2.4

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EMT Review™ Plus 2.0 is a complete revision from our previous versions. In addition to the high quality, NREMT-style questions for which we are known, EMT Review™ Plus has been totally redesigned and significantly expanded to provide resources for study and review throughout your class.

Our 1100 high quality review items include:
• 350 Learning cards
• 250 multiple choice review questions
• 5 100-question NREMT style examinations.

EMT Review™ Plus 2.0 now uses our S-R-T method™ to assure its users have the best preparation possible to pass the test. Our S-R-T method includes:

S = Study - Learning cards help students study and master critical components of the EMT course. In addition to promoting recall, our learning cards also allow students to quiz themselves and define, integrate and explain key concepts. You have the ability to remove cards from the deck once you have mastered them.

R = Review – Multiple choice questions help you review and test your knowledge on all EMT topics. Ideal for classroom review and content mastery, the review section helps you throughout your class and during final preparation for your exam.

T = Test – This section provides focused practice for the NREMT or state final examinations. Exam questions in this section are scenario-based and created by experienced national EMS educators who all have written for the NREMT.

EMT Review products have been on the market for over a year and quickly became a favorite of educators and students alike because of the quality, depth and reality of the review questions.

Our singular mission is to help you pass the test.

About Limmer Creative – Limmer Creative was founded by 33-year EMS veteran Dan Limmer and his wife and business partner, Stephanie. Dan’s experience in EMS as a practitioner, educator, national conference speaker and best-selling textbook author helped to create products that are not only highly relevant and accurate—but extremely portable for convenient study for the EMS student or practitioner. Look for other apps by Limmer Creative for BLS and ALS personnel as well as for other health professions.

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